Saturday, February 03, 2007


While waiting for Tom to get something from his office in our embassy, I observed some work going on at the embassy across the street. Workers were putting a new roof on the building. It is a beautiful roof. The tiles are a nice red color. They are about 1 square foot each and appear to weigh at least 5 pounds a piece. The interesting thing was how the workers were doing the work. They had scaffolding set up. There were 16 men as part of the process. One on the ground, one on each of 3 levels of the scaffolding, and 12 on the roof, standing in a line. The man on the bottom would pick up a tile, hand it up to the next man, who passed it the next, etc. It was a 16 man assembly line, essentially. No use of machinery, whatsoever. The group looked like a bunch of guys standing around who just happened to be moving tiles. It was something to see.


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