Saturday, November 10, 2007

More flowers

We had 3 events in our home this weekend. A dinner on Friday night, a brunch on Saturday and a lunch on Sunday. I had a flower arrangement made for our table on Friday. Now all of our table cloths are in the wash, so the table is no longer as nice as it was, but here are pictures of the arrangement. I kept it small and low so it would fit on the table and we could see one another at the table. I'll probably do something similar for our 2 Thanksgiving events. This arrangement, which had about 17 large roses and 15 small ones and other flowers to fill in, cost about $11. Having affordable flowers is one of the perks of living here. Hosting three in-home events in one weekend is one of the downsides. Our dishwasher sure gets a workout! Of course it's great to have help for the food prep but that is just for the dinners. I always do the weekend events on my own and we always do the cleanup on our own because I don't like to have the ayi wait around for hours just to do the dishes. Lots of people just leave the dishes for the ayi to do when she comes back but I cannot imagine doing that.


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